Monday, August 29, 2011

Sweater Redoux

No, I am not out of my mind... Well, maybe just a bit. Considering the hundred plus temperature reading. Alas, a girl can dream of cooler weather. Which is why I decided to alter a favorite sweater that I have never worn because it was a tad frumpy. Now, it's perfect and I thought I would share so you too can have a fitted sweater in about 20 minutes. Faster even, if you have a mannequin.

Let's begin!

Step One (photo right)
Lay your most true to form tank top or shirt over your sweater (inside out)

Step Two
Pin your shape around the shirt allowing a half inch of extra space along both sides.

Step Three
Try the sweater on, leaving it inside out. Adjust the pins as needed.

Step Four
Use a straight stitch to sew along the line of you pins.

Step Five
Remove pins and cut along the side of your straight stitch leaving a 1/4" of fabric.

Step Six
Zig zag or serge edge to prevent fraying.
TAaaaDAaaaa!!! Flattering sweater... to rival the Sweater Girls. Just stay away from the "Bullet Bra"... ;)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Heads will be rolling...

To the craft shows. Teehee! I am so excited to have found these lovlies @ the local Savers Thrift Store for $1.99/each. I can't wait to use them as craft show props. They definitely make for a better headband presentation than lying the bands shapelessly on the table.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Girly girls can be heros, too.

Here are some photos of the recently completed "Girl's" version of the super hero cape. Personally, I think the darker version is unisex, but I know a few girly girls who love pink and purple. This is for them :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Super Kids!


Work Room

Finished Product
My nephew mentioned that he wanted a super hero cape for his birthday. So, after much research. I decided to make a pattern using ideas from various sources. I think it turned out pretty cute. They will definitely be making an appearance at my upcoming craft booth and my Etsy shop :) I also have a purple and pink version in the works for a special little birthday girl.

click this link to enter to win some amazing prizes from Audrey's Country Crafts... Including this cape :)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kitchen Mini-Make Over

I finally finished the kitchen drapes! I am very happy with the results. Now, to refinish the cabinets :)
The floral fabric is vintage and it perfectly marries all the colors in our home... even if it is a Little House on the Prairie-ish (I like to think it is Anthropology inspired)... I love to mix modern and woodsy items, especially with fall tones.

Doggie Bed

Luke and Cheeky, my Shiba Inu and Rat Terrier needed new sleep mats for the bedroom. We booted them from the sofa after months of not being able to have humans sit on the sofa, due to a matting of dog hair. Unacceptable :( I love having them on the sofa, but it is not fun avoiding having people over because the pups have taken over the seating. SO.... I made them using a simple box pillow design with a tuck in flap to remove the cushion for easy washing.  They seem to like it, although perhaps not as much as the sofa.

Baby Bib and Blankie

My girlfriend was having a Baby Shower this past weekend. In order to keep true to my goal of all handmade gifts this year I crafted a couple of reversible bibs and blankies using the pattern in my indispensable One Yard Wonders book.  They are a bit formal for baby items, but I thought they would be sweet for a night out with Mommy and Daddy. I definitely plan on making some more in some more practical prints.