Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Garland

Feeling the fall overcome my soul... whipped this up this morning. It's been added to the shop just in time to decorate for fall.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Scrabble Pillows

My friends and I are huge Scrabble fans! Not only do I love the game, but the aesthetic as well. When I ran across these pillows, I was instantly in love, but was taken aback by the pricing.

With a little bit of research I realized that my fellow Etsian was not the original creator, so I felt a bit more comfortable making them for myself. Considering I had all the supplies on hand, it would only cost me time... I have plenty of that :)

For those of you only interested in the finished product here they are.

I tried them in the bedroom.

They found their new "home" in the living room.
Note: I painted the reverse silhouettes for my dear and
the Home Sweet Home Poster is by Sparkle Power

My honey is thoroughly enjoying the down fill.

For those of you interested in the process. The next section is for you.

Cut 14-1/2" square Canvas

Make your Scrabble letter templates. Cut out and Sew.

I filed my letters. No doubt I will need them again.

I happened to have four down filled pillows. One was too big,
hence the feather situation.

Fill pillows and sew closed. No fancy zipper for these bad boys.

That's all she wrote.

Thanks for reading.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hooded Super Hero Towel Tutorial

I have never been more excited to share a post! Hello to my Etsy PCFteam mates! Thank you so much for letting me guest post.

I've been making custom super hero capes for a while and thought it would be great to make it into a hooded towel. Leave it to me to try to make cute into cute AND practical.

This Tutorial is sized for 3 months-1 year. It is nicely sized for that age group, however, it can easily be adjusted for any age. I am definitely considering making one for the man or should I say hero in my life. I think it would be an adorable gag gift for a grown up. Then again, I would totally use it :)

I used my regular cape pattern, but instead of using the Velcro neckline I rounded it off. You can easily make your own.

The Pattern is approximately 36"L x 24" at its widest point. The fabric is folded in half in order to double the size. After cutting the first layer, cut the second layer, leaving a 1" overage. Terry tends to shift while sewing so this ensures all my edges will meet up perfectly.

Make a cardboard template of the "Superman" emblem  and cut around. Then serge the sides leaving the interior diamond open for turning. Leave a quarter inch seam allowance on the interior.

Then flip and insert serged interior diamond. Pin seams.

Ready to sew.

Cut out your chosen letter. Add a back layer, sew and flip it right side out.

For the hood,  use a 12"x12" square of each fabric back to back. Pin them together on top. Sewing the top in a rounded head shape.

When pinning the back and front, leave overage on the second fabric to allow for shifting. Serge the pieces together leaving a hole to flip the right side out and to attach the hood.

Insert the hood and flip the raw terry edges of the cape hole in, then pin and sew.

Then assemble the "Superman" cut out and the letter and sew.

The finished product.


Folded and gift ready.

This would make for a great baby shower gift or just a great gift for a special child in your life. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks again for having me!!!

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WINNER...winner, chicken dinner!

The random generator selected.... drum roll..... Stephanie Lapid as the winner of the Flowered Headband and Scarf Giveaway!!!  I'm so excited for you to wear this combo on your trip.  Thank you so much to all who played.

Stephanie, Please contact me via email with your mailing address :)