Saturday, September 10, 2011

Create Your Own Custom Silhouette

I found this cool old painting a few years back while thrifting and it hung in my red powder bath. The powder bath is now goldenrod and this frame has been occupying space on the floor of my guest room/storage haven/Benjamin the cat's room. I decided it would serve much better as a frame for a silhouette of Benjamin.

 The first step was to pop out the existing painting. Because, the back was plain, I decided to paint the back and preserve the existing painting on the other side for posterity's sake.

 The next step was to paint the "canvas" white.

 I then took a profile picture of Ben on his favorite window sill. Cropped it and printed.

 Cut out the print and trace.

Traced :)

 Ben is a Russian Blue, so I decided to customize the color to capture the beauty of his coat. It's a nightfall blue with silver tones. Of course, Black or any color would work. Be creative and integrate it into your family and color scheme.

 My fine line painting was a little feathered for my love, so here he is doing the detail work. Notice how his tongue sticks out when he's concentrating. LOVE IT.

Here is the finished product ready to hang.

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