Friday, January 6, 2012

Hawaiian Dreamin' or How to sew a Pua'u

Until recently, I had no idea that hula dancing was done in anything but a grass skirt. Then, I received an order for a Pua'u (pronounced paw u). I tried searching Google for some instructions. Instead I found some really random answers to how to sew a Pua'u. That is when I decided to go about it on my own.

First, I measured the waist and length of the little girl. I then cut material to five times the waist measurement (plus seam allowance) and exact length (plus seam allowance). Then, I folded the material in half width wise and pinned it together to be sewn along the width of the fabric only.  

Turned it inside out.

Ta da!

I then sewed six channels 3/4" apart across the width of the skirt and inserted 1/2" elastic (measured to the waist of the girl plus 2") into every other channel starting with the second channel.

Once the elastic was inserted and sewn down the side, I folded the fabric in half and used a french seam to sew together and finish the skirt. You can see it being worn below. Super cute, right? I think it would make a super darling skirt to just wear around.

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